Gab: “F*** YOU Silicon Valley elitist trash”, social network raises $1 million via crowdfunding

As high-tech firms have begun taking steps to weed out some of the most offensive right-wing hate groups, alternative social network Gab has seen a surge in donations to its crowdfunding campaign as it plays up its anti-Silicon Valley crusade.

Today, Gab passed $1 million raised. That includes almost $500,000 in just the last five days. And Gab isn’t being coy about its feeling towards Silicon Valley giants.

The founders of the site insist that it’s a neutral, free-speech platform that is trying to build an advertising-free business. In its fundraising material, it highlights the fact that 50 percent of the top social networking apps are owned by Facebook, and that a handful of Silicon Valley companies wield enormous control over content on the internet.

It also stresses that with the rise of ad blockers, advertising-driven business models are problematic.

While the site claims to be politically neutral, it was started by Andrew Torba, an outspoken Trump supporter who was kicked off the Y Combinator alumni network last year for “speaking in a threatening, harassing way toward other YC founders.”


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