“Justice” for Trump? DoJ, FBI staffers and agents gave money to Hillary Clinton EVERY DAY of her 2016 campaign

Supporters of President Donald J. Trump, most of whom have long been convinced that there was no “collusion” between his presidential campaign and “the Russians,” regularly chafe at the fact that his own Justice Department appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to ‘investigate’ the allegation.

What’s worse than Mueller’s appointment, they say, is who he’s hiring to conduct the probe: As of August, the long-time Deep State operative had hired eight confirmed Democratic donors to conduct an investigation into a Republican president, and one who many in Washington believe isn’t even legitimate to begin with.

“I can say that the people that have been hired are all Hillary Clinton supporters. Some of them worked for Hillary Clinton. I mean the whole thing is ridiculous if you want to know the truth, from that standpoint,” Trump told Fox News in June, as reported by The Daily Caller.

Turns out the president’s concerns are not at all ill-placed. That’s because, as Lifezette reports, the Department of Justice and FBI swamps are full of Hillary donors.

In fact, there are so many of them that a DoJ or FBI employee or agent donated to her campaign every single day of her failed 2016 campaign:

Sherri Berthrong retired as a lawyer after 37 years at the Department of Justice (DOJ) in 2015, but that didn’t end her ability to influence the government. Beginning June 1, 2016, she made a small contribution to Hillary Clinton every few days — right through the November 8 election.

She made average contributions of $15.90, which in sum amounted to $1,177 — a fraction of the $1.2 billion Clinton raised and spent. However, Berthrong “was not unique among DoJ and FBI employees in making dozens of small donations throughout the campaign,” Lifezette noted.

A supervisory administrative officer in the FBI’s Washington field office, Lafayette Anderson, clicked the “donate” button 113 times beginning April 1, 2016, the site reported. She contributed a total of $1,414. She often gave two, and sometimes three, donations a day.

They were far from the only ones: A total of 268 current and former Department of Justice and FBI employees who are living in working just in the D.C. area made thousands of contributions to Clinton during the campaign cycle. In all, their donations total a combined $243,020, or just more than half of the $416,375 she received from DoJ/FBI employees nationwide. (Related: Mueller’s ‘pit bull’ attorney literally attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party.)

How did Trump’s donations stack up to those figures? They were a shadow of what Clinton was getting from Justice Department workers, agents, lawyers, and prosecutors. Just 61 DoJ/FBI employees gave to Trump for a total of just $20,252. Trump, by comparison, spent roughly half of Clinton’s $1.2 billion total to win the November 2016 contest.

Granted, the Clinton and Trump donors who gave represent less than 3 percent of the 113,000 people employed by the Justice Department and FBI. However, Lifezette noted, the actual donor total will never be known because they aren’t required to disclose who they work for.

That said, think of the disparate figures in this way: Not every voter is polled on important questions of the day, just a fraction of the country is, and the ‘overall’ findings of the poll are then extrapolated from that small percentage.

If we extrapolate the small number of donors who gave to both candidates, we can deduce, logically, that both the FBI and the Department of Justice are replete with Democratic voters, donors, and supporters.

And while Americans are obviously free to vote for and support whomever they choose, how is President Trump supposed to get a fair shake from a lion’s den of political opposition?

Here’s another thought. As president, Trump makes policies that the federal bureaucracy — these two agencies included — are expected to carry out. Do you think there is going to be more or less slow-walking or ignoring of Trump’s policies at DoJ and the FBI, given the radical difference in political donations?

J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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