FAKE hate crimes galore: Muslim girl fabricated claim of being attacked for her religion, police now confirm; faces charges

An alleged hate crime in suburban Washington, D.C., that made national headlines apparently has turned out to be a hoax.

A 13-year-old girl in Woodbridge, Va., claimed that a man confronted her on the street earlier this month, brandished a knife. He pulled off her hijab and covered her mouth with his hand to prevent her from summoning help. The assailant also called her a terrorist, according to the teen, WUSA9 reported.

After an investigation, detectives determined that she made up the story, the AP reported.

Prince William County police said in a statement…that further investigation into the girl’s report revealed “no altercation had occurred.”

Authorities charged the teen with knowingly filing a false police report. The case will be heard in juvenile court.

In another high-profile incident that received quite a bit of news media attention, an 11-year-old girl in Toronto, Ontario, claimed in January that a man accosted her on the way to school and cut her hijab with a pair of scissors. Canadian politicians from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on down condemned the incident. Toronto police investigated and subsequently determined that the encounter did not happen. Cops decided against filing any charges, however. The girl’s family thanked everyone for their support, said they were deeply sorry, and apologized to “every Canadian,” CTV News reported. They also admitted that like everyone else, they assumed the youngster’s story was true.

Given the way the media covers these disturbing events, it is probably understandable that many accept their validity at face value. In a summary of 2016 fake hate crimes, Natural News observed that pushing fake crime stories could constitute one of the media’s most heinous transgressions. Hate crime hoaxes also have the effect of diverting police resources from investigating real hate crimes.

According to Health Ranger Mike Adams, the founding editor of Natural News, there are far more hate crime hoaxes than actual hate crimes occurring in America, but the unhinged, anti-Trump fakestream media is incapable — or unwilling — to distinguish between the two.

Along those lines, various media outlets have claimed that a surge in hate crimes has occurred since U.S. voters ushered in the Trump administration, but various publicized incidents have turned out to be fake and sometimes orchestrated by the alleged victims themselves. Typically, there is disproportionate coverage of the allegations as opposed to any follow-up corrections. (Related: Read more about media malpractice when it comes to hate crime allegations and other issues at LiberalMob.com.)

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