Evil YouTube claims natural medicine videos are “dangerous” to society just like bomb-making how-to videos

YouTube has now declared war on natural medicine, banning a 43-second video about cannabis oil while shutting down the Natural News Health YouTube channel because we dare to discuss this “dangerous” topic. In a warning sent to the Health Ranger, YouTube described the kind of content they don’t allow, including content that “encourages or promotes violent or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death.” They instructed NaturalNews that “it’s not okay to post videos showing drug abuse, underage drinking and smoking, or bomb making.”

This outrageous act of censorship by YouTube was not an accidental human error. In the letter, YouTube claimed that the video “Doctors shocked when cannabis oil cures man of terminal cancer” had been flagged for review. Upon a final review process, YouTube “determined it violates our guidelines.” Natural News Health channel was issued a Community Guidelines strike for three months and was warned that further action could be taken. If NaturalNews dares talk about the healing potential of cannabis medicine, then YouTube said they could pose additional strikes that could lead to the channel being terminated for good.

It didn’t take long for YouTube to take further action. In a follow-up letter, YouTube doubled down on their decision to ban the dangerous video about cannabis oil, suspending the entire NaturalNews Health channel in the process. The letter states, “Please be aware that your are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts.”

Google and YouTube under the influence of Big Pharma, using rash censorship tactics to silence talk about natural medicine

Google-owned YouTube is now cracking down on videos that discuss the healing potential of plant-based medicines. It’s as if the pharmaceutical industry is using the video platform to control the content and censor out any mention of natural medicines. The YouTube employees who review flagged videos are apparently under the influence of Big Pharma, as they try to wipe out any talk about more effective natural medicines. It seems YouTube’s stance on medicinal cannabis oil is that it is as dangerous as “bomb making” or promotes “drug abuse”– even though natural medicine like cannabis oil is liberating people from seizures, cancers, opioid addiction, depression, PTSD, and a variety of health issues. By blocking videos that discuss natural medicine, YouTube is denying the public vital information that could improve their health or even save their life.

YouTube’s insane act of censorship should concern all herbalists, naturopaths, and holistic practitioners. Google and YouTube want to silence you and demonize your profession. You are at direct odds with the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry, and together these forces are waging a war through YouTube to silence your expertise, your passion for healing, and your answers for healing the body, mind, and spirit. Even though cannabis oil is rapidly being recognized as medicine and is being legalized in new states, YouTube sees this as “dangerous.”

The truth is cannabis oil and various plant medicines are “dangerous.” Plant-based medicines are dangerous to the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry. More people are beginning to realize this, as they seek a better way.

It should be noted that YouTube and Google openly promote real drug abuse, allowing ads and videos that promote the very drugs that are addictive and destructive to people’s bodies and minds. Their attack on cannabis oil and the Natural News Health channel is only pure censorship, a prideful attack on a simple truth.

Herbalists and natural healers should consider leaving YouTube altogether, to avoid being harassed, threatened and controlled by these censorship tactics. For those who have a passion in healing, you should consider setting up a video channel with Brighteon.com, a new video platform that welcomes free thought in the realm of natural medicine and all other topics of human discussion.

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