Tech giants have been ordered to simultaneously censor all pro-gun content in run-up to nationwide gun grab attempt

As millions of Americans get a concealed carry license and arm themselves, tech giants are busy cracking down on pro-gun content on the web. Facebook has already banned gun transactions from their site. Shopify bans most gun related sales, too. YouTube has shut down multiple user channels that talk about firearms and teach gun safety. Tech companies are changing their policies so they can discriminate against people with an interest in guns.

It won’t be long before Amazon shuts down sales of anything firearm related. It won’t be long before Instagram bans info graphics that promote firearms. What kind of vague and misleading information will Amazon Alexa give people about guns? One day, Google search may omit results for firearm related content. Email services like Gmail could scan content and forbid any emails that communicate on pro-gun related topics. How far will tech giants go to influence public opinion on guns?

The purge of pro-gun content on the web serves several purposes:

1.) To make gun ownership and gun interest a taboo subject.
2.) To demonize private firearm ownership, so fewer people will invest in personal protection.
3.) To make people feel like they are doing something wrong when they seek out information on guns.
4.) To weaken the public’s perception on guns, to equate firearms with danger.
5.) To make people feel guilty for wanting to purchase a gun.
6.) To make the next generation gun-illiterate and incapable of self defense so they are more easily controlled.
7.) To make gun-shy individuals afraid of neighbors, family, and friends who do own guns.
8.) To associate guns with “hate” and to paint gun owners as devious, mentally ill, and inherently dangerous.
9.) To influence the public’s voting preferences on gun control.
10.) To make gun confiscation efforts more readily accepted.

The expansion of pro-gun censorship across multiple tech platforms is an attempt to breakup online communication about firearms, to instill fear, to weaken well-armed communities, and diminish their right to defend themselves and speak out. The tech giant’s censorship of pro-gun content is a push to destroy individual liberties. The founders of Gun Rodeo know how the elites in Silicon Valley play. The founders of Gun Rodeo have careers in Silicon Valley that that span twenty plus years, yet none of the tech giants want anything to do with their pro-gun projects. No conversation is allowed on guns and the owners of Gun Rodeo have no friends in Silicon Valley.

As tech giants scrub pro-gun content from the web, what is their ultimate goal? Besides brainwashing the public that guns are bad, what else can we expect from these manipulative technocrats? With no forewarning, these tech companies change their policies to justify their purge of pro-gun content. This allows for easy discrimination and covert collusion against pro-firearm communities on the web.

For instance, YouTube removes videos about guns now because the videos violate “community guidelines”. If a video is “promoting the sale of firearms” it can be scrubbed. Whether it’s a video explaining the features of a brand new gun or a video that dares mention anything positive about a guns at all, the videos can be quickly removed. This leaves content creators wrongfully discriminated against.

YouTube has given itself carte blanch authority to remove any content about guns. There is no line they won’t cross. How-to videos, hunting videos, self defense, training, military, competitive shooting videos, and even movie trailers could be scrubbed from YouTube. Many video makers have lost their ability to pursue what they are passionate about and their content has been de-monetized, ultimately affecting their livelihood.

Why are YouTube, Shopify, and Facebook trying to influence public perception about guns? Are their carte blanche censorship efforts the beginning of a more sinister agenda – a run-up to a nationwide gun confiscation effort?

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